What Employees Really Want for Christmas

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Festive holiday is one of the best days to reward your staff for their hard work. Most employees are looking forward to take a well-earned break, but many also want something more than hefty bonus and party. Some large companies prefer to arrange a Christmas party as an effort to appreciate their employees’ hard work during the festive season. But, does it really worth, the party?

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Your company might still have the Christmas party planned, along with the holiday bonus. However, what your employees really want is ‘appreciation’. O.C.Tanner revealed in their ‘Letter to Santa’ survey that appreciation is the number one Christmas gift employees look for. Chad in O.C.Tanner survey said that, “Dear Santa, instead of endless assignments, relentless deadlines and detached performance reviews. I would love to get some mentorship, priorities, support, and advocacy from my leader this year”. Therefore, a true leadership is also what employees are waiting for.

A survey involving more than 1,000 office workers conducted by Instant Print added that 9 in 10 employees (94 percent) said a festive gift from their employer would make them feel more valued. In the survey, it was also revealed that 29 percent employees would like a gift voucher, 28.8 percent prefer an early finish, and 20 percent would love to have a free bar at company Christmas party. Meanwhile, one in ten employees (10.3 percent) want physical gift, and the other (7 percent) would like a charitable donation to be made in their name.

Additionally, Instant Print also revealed the worst employees Christmas gift – and you better avoid it in order to keep your employees happy. The survey result shows that employees prefer to not receive a present at all than another pair of socks. Socks were unanimously chosen to be the worst gift ever (52 percent vote). Another gift you might want to eliminate from your list are soap, cheap wine, shower gel, opened toiletries, anti-wrinkle cream, a book on “how to do/make something”,  cheap and childish underwear, loaf of bread, lynx Africa gift set, an empty box, tiara, pickled eggs, insulting t-shirt, and worse forgetting your colleague completely.

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