Let Love Fill Your Day – Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Office

February 11, 20199:42 am1283 views

Valentine’s Day – love is what this day about. Not only a special day for couple and family, it is also an ideal time to offer your heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your employees. Not many leaders know that celebrating Valentine’s Day at work have some positive impacts, such as promoting better workplace culture, improving camaraderie, promoting appreciation, increasing positivity, encouraging a caring environment, as well as enhancing the workforce’s mood.

Todd Patkin, the author of Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and anxiety and – Finally – Let the Sunshine In, said that money is not the first thing people desire. “Instead, showing appreciation, respect and yes, even love are the three most important ways to make your people feel great about their work.” And more, happy engaged employees are the single best way to boost your company’s bottom line.

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As Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, what have you prepared for it? Probably chocolate is the first option that will cross your mind to give to your teammates, but here are some more ideas to show love and appreciation on the day:

Write ‘love letter’ of thanks and appreciation

Asking all of your employees to participate in a “love letter of thanks and appreciations” is one of fun and meaningful ways to share happiness. These love letters can boost employees productivity and morale as they will learn that their job and work is appreciated by their colleagues and boss. To make it more appealing, you can prepare a personal and handwritten letter to convey your sincere appreciation for your workers. While this might be simpler than any other gift or money, surely it will create a lasting impression on employees.

Make it a family affair

Todd Patkin has implemented this, he has left a message on employee’s home answering machines telling family member what a great employee their dad or mom is. This way, employees will be more engaged at work. As you praise them in front of their beloved ones, it will likely retain their happiness all day. Plus, this kind of notification can boost your employee’s performance as they get more support from their family.

Host a festive party

Another way to celebrate love in office is by hosting a special party. A few days before the D-day, send an invitation to a themed lunch party.  You can decorate the office with heart-shaped decoration, fresh flowers everywhere, and heart-shaped foods. The party can be used to give announcement such as the great employees of the month as well as celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Prepare chocolates

Valentine’s Day is identical with chocolates and sweet delicacies. So, why not buy some to pamper your employees with the finest sweets in a love-moment day? Not to mention, chocolate has been proven to be an effective mood booster. Not only tasty, Medical News Today mentioned that by consuming the right amount of chocolate, you can lower cholesterol levels, prevent cognitive decline, and reduce risk of cardiovascular problems.

Do sweet hunt game

Valentine does not always mean to have a monotonous party at work. It can be fun too. A way to do that is by creating a ‘sweet hunt game’. You can hide chocolate or candy and ask your employee to find them. Each chocolate or candy can contain points, appreciation words, or a word saying ‘try again’. Appreciation words can be a mood booster for your employee. When they have gathered several points, it can be exchanged to real prize.  This game can also be a way to make employee work with healthy competition as well as increase teamwork.

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