Virtual Team-Building Activity Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Virtual Team-Building Activity Ideas for Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is here! If your company has been celebrating the day by putting flashy office decorations or having a chocolate party after office, the pandemic has surely robbed that joy away from everyone. As businesses are encouraged to adopt hybrid settings and send their employees to work from home, holding a physical office event can be challenging. Now if you are wondering whether it is possible to still cherish the celebration of love with your fellow co workers despite not being in the same room, the answer is yes, it is

Here are some ideas on virtual team-building activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Idea #1 : Guess The Person

Some of you may already be familiar with, a platform often used for online mini-games with your friends. This online multiplayer page will let you guess certain words by drawing something as a clue.

The game is quite simple and can be done over Zoom or Google Meet with one person serving as the one who submits a list of names of team members to the server. Everyone should join the link given by the moderator and this can be done both via mobile phone and web. In turn, each person will get one name out of the list of teammates’ names and this person needs to give clues in the form of drawing that best describes the ‘secret’ team member. 

For example, person A will need to describe person B and others have to guess it. Then, person A draws sunglasses and a paint palette, because person B is a graphic designer that wears sunglasses and the clues best describe this person. The game continues and everyone can get to know each other better even without saying a single word! What a way to bond, right?

Idea #2 : Why Should I Work With You

Tinder is where you display the best version of yourself in a quest to find a romantic interest. So, why not try to do this for your co-worker, but for professional interest? The idea of this game is that you create a simple profile for one of your co-workers as if it is a Tinder profile. Instead of sounding like “Why should I date you?” as Tinder’s notion, the goal is to make a profile that answers the question of “Why should I work with you?”. 

Pair two employees randomly and ask them to each describe good reasons on why people should work with this person. Ask each team member to make a one-page PowerPoint that displays a photo and some great professional qualities of an assigned team member. Tell them to keep it secret and on a chosen day, hold a team meeting that asks everyone to present their coworkers’ mock-Tinder profile. This will help your team to better know how to find best professional qualities in each other. Sounds a lot like a good love of friends!

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Idea #3 : My Funny Fact-lentine

If there is one fun fact you know about one of your closest co-workers at the office, what would it be? To find this out, a game of guessing fun facts of your colleagues may best be the solution! The game requires one of the HR members to be the moderator to ask everyone to submit one fun fact about themselves and give one clue about themselves through a private chat. For example, person A’s fun fact about herself is that she is actually a fan of Formula 1 races and the clue about her is ‘purple’ because her Slack profile picture is a photo of her wearing a purple hijab. Everyone in your team should be giving this out to the moderator to be compiled as one.

During a team video call, the moderator will share a screen showing a PowerPoint presentation and each slide will consist of both the fun fact and a clue of the person. Everyone will have to guess one name of their fellow team members who may best be the ‘secret person having that fun fact. After a certain amount of time, such as 30 seconds where everyone has submitted their best guess, the moderator will reveal the answer. Those who get the answer right will get one point and the game goes on until everyone’s fun fact is known!

Valentine’s Day is not all about saying “I love you” to your spouse and family. Acts of love can be shown to colleagues at work too, even though it is a friendly and platonic kind of love. After all, loving is about making one another feel appreciated and belong, so why not share it too with your coworkers? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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