Truly Value Your Employees and Show Them You Care, Else Let Them Go!

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Employees, they are the most helpful and most reliable human capital resource every business owner is proud about. Without employees, all the money and the great ideas will be worth nothing, since nobody will use it.

Furthermore, without employees, the word business might lose its meaning and purpose of existence. So as an employer, it is just right for you to devise strategies and unique ways of thanking every team member for their brilliant ideas and contributions to business.

However, despite the success of your company, you cannot deny the fact that there are some non-performers who form a part of every business. It is morally right for employees to know, whether or not they are wanted by the company at all.

As a good employer, you should always tell them the truth when it comes to your employees’ status in the company. Openly appreciate, reward and credit them for their excellent contributions to the business and at the same point in time, also offer productive criticism if you find some employees not performing to their efficacy standards. In short, be truthful to them.

This might sound strange but it is not. Employees deserve to know that you appreciate and like their hard work. If they did something wrong, tell them right away such that they can learn from their mistakes and improve on their workings.

Besides, at the end of the day, everything they do is still calculated and is reflected in their pay slips. So if you do not like performance of some employees, politely get rid of them. You don’t want to be paying for something that your money is not worth paying for.

The belief that your business will not function to its peak performance levels without certain key employees is partially untrue.

Of course, the business still has you. In the waiting period for the proper candidates to come by, you can still operate your business by trusting on your very own skills and knowledge, with help and support of those who believe in your potentials and have stood by you through your trial times of life.

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Many employers think that their employees should be thankful to them for the monthly credits they get into their account. Since, they strongly know for certain that without money the employees will not be able to get their basic needs met. Well, this does hold true but, it’s not all.

Employers also have a reason to be thankful to their employees because they primarily believed in their vision and goals of business and work hard with full commitment to meet the long-term and short-term business objectives.

If you still are having a hard time to let your employees know how grateful you are to have them on board, try using these phrases for a start to get the employee recognition aspect right:

  • “Thanks for extending your time to have all these done. You know how important this deal is to us and I also know that your time for your family is more important. So thank you and I appreciate it.”
  • “Good job in handling this stressful situation. You did great!”
  • “Can you take over this project? I am pretty swamped at the moment and I can see that you are capable of handling this.”
  • “Thanks for submitting everything in time.”

It is important for employers to bear in mind that without employees, who are the most valuable possession, no business can survive by itself based on passion and complete dedication of the founder or entrepreneur. As you can see, all of these above sample phrases are simple yet very meaningful. Each one of you deserves a pat on the back sometimes.

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