5 Practical Tips for HR to Stay Connected with Employees

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Monotonous working activity and lack of challenges seems to be a serious issue for employees nowadays, which could lead to job hopping behaviour and thus put a risk to employee retention strategy. A survey commissioned by career platform LinkedIn suggested one in three professionals in India said they were ‘sleepwalking’ at work. The survey conducted across 11 cities in the country also revealed that workers admitted feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their career, as if they are walking on a treadmill.

So, how should human resource management cultivate retention?

Monotonous working activity can be changed to more challenging activities depending on employees interest. Employee’s loyalty can be retained by better engagement such as benefits and perks. Above all, to avoid brisk employee turnaround, HR management must stay connected to employees. This should be reflected in how HR teams deal with each member of the workforce regardless of their ranks.

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To increase retention, here are some important things HR management and personnel should keep in mind:

Give each employee the company’s vision

Make them feel that it is also their vision. Make it clear with them where the company is heading and how it plans to get there. The vision must look challenging yet practical, huge but attainable to the employees so this will ignite excitement. They want to look forward to the realisation of that vision, with a sense of pride that they had been a part of that success.

Share in their professional goals

Each employee has their own personal or professional goals. As an HR manager, you should encourage them to take on challenges that will further stretch their abilities to attain their goal in the company, empowering them to be better at work.

Give them your attention and assistance

Your employees are dedicated to their work and are quite sensitive. When they come to you with a question, they expect those questions to be answered. They want your assistance regarding issues and concerns. In this case, you have to give them full attention. If a concern needs clarification from higher-ups then give the assurance that you will communicate accordingly. Do what you must in order to avoid the feeling of neglect on their part.

Establish personal relations

Create a friendly atmosphere between you and your employees. If you sense an employee is having personal problems then invest some time to find out why and confront them directly. Let your conversation be friendly. You’ll be surprised to know that the majority of the time the problem is office-rooted and not always personal. By knowing so, you will help resolve some issues.

Control your temper

To handle human resources effectively, you must learn to control your emotions. It is indeed quite frustrating sometimes to lead a bunch of child-acting workers, but even such a situation is manageable if you apply the principles of the right human relationships in the workplace. Lead by example at all times and let not personality issues get into you.

Working as a human resource manager or personnel is a self-transforming process. You have to deal very well with other employees because a high percentage of retention is in your hands.

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