Allie the Chatbot: The Future of Employee Engagement

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Institutes for Employment Studies shared that engaged employees will be more aware of business context and willing to work with colleagues to improve values which will benefit organisation more. Therefore, organisation should work harder to develop and nurture employee engagement which requires two-way relationship between employee and employer. In another word, employee engagement is an advanced move as it brings positive values such as retaining and maintaining existing talents in order to develop business overall.

As employee engagement is a crucial factor in organisation’s retention strategy, business leaders need to be aware that in digital workplace, engagement should be directed to the next level as well. A study titled “The New Digital Workforce: A guide to Engaging Today’s Employees” by Achievers revealed that workplace that adapt technology has changed the way individuals play and live. Achiever survey showed that old-time engagement surveys such as paper or online survey leave employees feeling shoddy due to lack of or no real beneficial outcome and follow-ups. The survey respondents admitted they feel that their feedback did not lead to action and often go unnoticed.

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What can organisation do about it?

As today’s workforce has become more and more dynamic, company must provide constant change within industry. Managers and employees should have ongoing conversation that would lead to better performance-feedback relationship. For example, organisations should find ways to evolve employee engagement so it would shift as an active, fluid, personal experience that reaches individuals at every level.

The needs of constant change has led Achievers’ team to implement its first engagement chatbot, Allie. Allie brings real-time dialogue and offers employees a dedicated, one-on-one conversation that helps them feel belonged, valued, and involved. Additionally, Allie has turned one-dimensional into three-dimensional dialogue between employee and Allie, then between Allie to manager. Thus, managers can do immediate action or reply to close the loop with real action.

Further, Achievers mentioned that Allie can actually benefit organisations in terms of:

24/7 always on – Allie is a chatbot. It can be accessed and is available to employees whenever they want to chat. It provides access to confidential engagement when it makes sense of them.

Lively response, emoji – Allie provides intuitive, visual, and casual way for employees to communicate how they are feeling during chat session. You can capture user emotions and number scale through emojis.

Conversation flow – Allie adapts to user’s responses to guide them through different chat branches. So, conversations feel natural and appropriate.

Concierge for managers – Managers and HR can get a handle on issues early and frequently with indications of what engagement drivers are most critical to address. Through Allie’s interaction with employees, you can see employee’s satisfaction across expectation, role, support, team, development, feedback, recognition, strategy, leadership, culture, and work-life balance.

Closing the loop – Allie is an AI-based chatbot that can learn employee’s dialogue by analysing and disseminating information to provide employees and managers with specific recommendations for change. This could empower both managers and employees to be responsive to feedback and enable to fulfil employee’s needs.

Andrew Pryor, AVP of HR, ECI software solution at Achievers, commented that Allie guides employees through more in-depth questions regarding their engagement levels resulting in richer feedback. Responses of employees will drive managers to take more timely action on areas negatively impacting engagement process. It will result in more actions and eventually strengthen engagement of employees. Additionally, as a good manager, you should know that engagement is no longer a survey exercise. It is a real-time conversation that empowers employee to own and impact engagement, and this AI chatbot, Allie, can help you in your overall engagement process.   

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