Office Fantasy Football League – One More Team Building Idea

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Well folks, football season is back – meaning another great time for having a fantasy football game. Are you in?

For more than 33 million people worldwide, fantasy football game is a massively popular phenomenon that cannot be ignored, said John A. Challenger in a press release. This fantasy game is fun for those who don’t understand football and even more exciting for those who do. Doing fantasy football league in the workforce, added Challenger, can also be a source of workplace chatter around water coolers and lunch tables throughout the season.

But, what does office fantasy football really is?

As exciting as it sounds, for football lovers, office fantasy football league also known as fantasy premier league (FPL) allows fans to manage fictional football teams then compete with other teams in their league. The league will be based on the real-life performance of your picks during the seasons.

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Moreover, this game can be a super fun team building idea because FPL will not only strengthen the bond between employees but can actually increase productivity and boost inclusion. A study published in Reuters found that FPL can offer a wider opportunity for employee engagement and socialising, with more than half of employees surveyed said that participating in a league boosts their morale and helps build relationships with colleagues.

So, are you ready to join the bandwagon? Here’s how to begin the FPL as taken from Sport Dummies.

  1. Recruit as many as co-workers as you can. At least you should have eight or ten teams and each person fields one team. Keep it even because scheduling odd numbers is too difficult. Alternatively, you can start a public league online where random players might elect to join your league.
  2. Name your league and have each owner name their team.
  3. Select a date for your annual player draft. Also known as fantasy football draft, this is a date when you choose the players for your team.
  4. Select the best location for the draft – probably in a favourite restaurant, someone’s house, or company’s recreation space. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi and everyone likes it, it will be fine.
  5. Select the right app. ESPN and Yahoo are the two most popular fantasy apps. They offer easy to use interfaces and tops of tips, advice, and help.
  6. Start playing.

Given that FPL is best played with co-workers, there are a few warnings you need to be careful of. Here are some:

  • Be respectful of the working hour. Remember you are at work to get work done, not to play the game endlessly. So, even if you are bored, it is better not to wander over the sites and start plotting your next move because you might not be able to stop.
  • Don’t get too competitive. FPL can be a source of stress reliever and a fun moment with workmates. But for many reasons, if you get too competitive, the game might no longer be fun because hate or jealousy might occur. Therefore, it is important to remember that FPL is a place for everyone to have fun.
  • Don’t involve money.  It can be an option actually but dealing with money might cost a lot especially since fantasy football game has a buy-in and cash prices. To steer clear of gambling laws, however, it is a good idea to just avoid money altogether. Instead, you can propose different things to keep it interesting. Probably a premium parking slot or trophies and small awards? The one who loses can also be charged to host a party where everyone can be involved and have fun.

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