How Do Process Posters Help During Onboarding New Talent?

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The onboarding process can be a point of pain for a lot of companies. After all, you’re introducing someone into a new environment. Even if they’re a strong worker with ample experience, it will take them some time to get up to speed on all the intricacies of the workplace and their new position.

As an HR professional, you’re probably always looking for ways to make the employee onboarding process smoother and more effective.

Avoid miscommunication through consistent messaging, which is one of the most crucial parts of an effective employee onboarding process. Communicate processes and best practices such that employees don’t make mistakes, this makes onboarding smoother for new employees and existing employees alike.

Have you considered introducing process posters into the mix?

HR process posters break down the steps in a process, using concise text with descriptive visuals. They act as a one-page quick reference sheet that you can pin up on the wall in your workspace.

Considering that 65% of people are visual learners, offering learning materials that appeals to this style of learning will probably be appreciated by new employees.

Process posters can come in the form of a simple step-by-step guide, a flowchart, or a timeline. An effective process poster walks you through the steps of a process and clearly directs on where the reader can go, to find more in-depth information, if needed. They make a process easier to understand, not more confusing.

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Yes, I understand that creating a poster might seem intimidating if you don’t have any design experience. But it doesn’t have to be difficult; all it takes is basic understanding of poster and Infographic design principles. It’s easy if you start with a template.

This Infographic walks you through the process on how to create process posters for onboarding new talent:


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