Dealing with Negative Feedback: 57 Experts Opine

December 12, 20163:16 pm2737 views

As the saying goes, we are our own worst critics. But sometimes other people like you, will tell you what’s bugging them about you as well. How do you respond to negative feedback?

Negative feedback can come in many forms: bad reviews, rejected pitches, negative comments, criticism from your coworkers. No matter how it is, it can be a real blow to your ego. It’s not easy to hear that your work isn’t well received. What should you do when someone responds negatively to something you’ve written, or to a presentation you’ve given?

Do you take negative feedback and use it to propel yourself to do better next time? Do you dwell on it for a while and then move on? Do you use it to gain a new perspective? Do you actually like negative feedback? Negative criticism is something that we all have to deal with from time to time, both in our professional and personal life.

One of the most preliminary ways of dealing with negative feedback is to listen to the feedback carefully, decide if the feedback is constructive or not and take that feedback to heart seriously moving forward if you think it can help or simply let it go.

However, this process will be different for different people. On interrogating, 57 speakers and attendees at INBOUND 2016, on how they deal with negative feedback, we found different approaches and perspectives of people in dealing with negative feedback from readers, customers and co-workers. Here’s what the 57 experts had to say:


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