An Epic Collaboration for Better Performance

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One of the biggest factors that contributes to a company’s success is when their employees can improve productivity by working together as a team. Good collaboration between coworkers helps them build a good relation that in turn will support their performance at work. By sharing ideas and discussion, you can gather collective ideas and find the best one to gain the best solution.

Effective collaboration helps you get the project done efficiently, because you do not have to do everything by yourself as you can share the tasks with your partners. A collaborative working environment also allows team members to communicate more freely, understand employees’ emotional intelligence, as well as  share ideas and knowledge openly.

Unfortunately, not every employee owns the capability to make a great collaboration. Then, what should you do when you are required to finish certain project as a team with such employee? Here are some tips for making an epic collaboration:

One vision, one purpose

Working towards the same goal will give the team members a strong sense of purpose. When you are working in a collaboration project, it is important to set particular goals with your co-worker, something that gives you a meaningful reason to work together. For example, by setting certain purpose to bring profits for the company as your team goals, it can motivate you to do your best to finish the project successfully.

When you share the same goals and purposes with your partners during collaboration, it will give an equal responsibility to finish the project. Through brainstorming you can share how everything will work between you and your coworkers, define both individual and collective roles and responsibility that each of you will hold within team.

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Use the right collaboration tools

The most important part of an effective collaboration is communication. For a long time, exchanging emails stood unchallenged as the primary way for most business professionals to communicate with each other. But the rise of mobile devices and applications has made everything easier to create an effective communication. There are many cloud-based collaboration tools that can bring teams together and converge online. It lets you communicate and work on tasks with your coworkers real-time.

One of the most popular communication tools that have been used for business with millions of user around the globe and you can get it for free on mobile and desktop devices is Slack. It allows you send direct messages and files to both individual and group, it has feature to organise conversations into different channels. With all these comforts to communicate supported by modern technology, it should help you have a great communication with your coworkers. In the end, it will improve the effectiveness of your collaboration.

Ensure mutual understanding

Basically, when you are working as a team it is essential to have an ability to listen  others’ opinion or perspective in order to build a strong and solid teamwork. When you have a clear mutual understanding about your project without trying to step on your coworkers, it will prevent you from getting into meaningless conflict that will affect your collaborative environment. You can build this mutual understanding by discussing the matter when you happen to have a different opinion and try to find a midpoint by respecting each other’s perspective.

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