What Is an Effective Workplace?

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What Is an Effective Workplace?
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Effective workplace refers to a workplace that recognises employees as the company’s greatest resource. Employers that build an effective workplace will make a critical difference in organisations’ programs for both business and employees to thrive. The programs, therefore, must truly benefit both the organisation and its employees in terms of design, practices, and policies. 

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According to SHRM review, the characteristics of effective workplace are as follows:  

1- There are room and opportunity for learning 

A job where the meaning and importance of the work is clear, that encourages learning and creativity is a strong characteristic of an effective workplace. This kind of job has enough task variety to keep each employee interested to invest more and collaborate better with others. 

2- Culture of trust 

A workplace culture where supervisors are trustworthy, ethical, and seek subordinates’ input to improve performance is an essential culture in today’s business. Employees want to be heard and seen, not only to follow instruction. 

3- Work-life fit 

Having the support, schedule, and flexibility employees need at work in order to effectively manage their work and personal/family responsibilities could create a sense of trustworthiness between employer and employees. This is good to build relationships within the workplace. 

4- Supervisors support for work success 

Effective work environments are those that have supervisors who provide employees with honest and relevant information needed to do their job well. Supervisors are also required to recognise employees when a job is well done. This could motivate employees to do more and better. 

5- Satisfaction with earnings, benefits, & advancement opportunities 

Having reasonable earnings and benefits for a job and adequate opportunities for advancement are true motivation drivers for employees, SHRM cited. 

6- Autonomy 

Autonomy is about the self-driven ability to decide or have input into what employee’s job entails, how it is done, to be true to themselves while doing it. 

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