Valentine’s Day: Why Celebrating It in Workplace?

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Valentine’s Day: Why Celebrating It in Workplace?
Valentine's Day: Why Celebrating It at The Office?

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14, is associated with the world’s “holiday of love”. On this day, many people often bring their loved ones to a romantic dinner, go to a picnic together, or serve a special home-cooked meal for their family. This day is also marked with Valentine’s Day cards and flowers. 

As a way to appreciate employees 

While the day is usually associated with a romantic moment with loved ones, Valentine’s Day can also be a great time to show appreciation in the workplace, creating a stronger bond between co-workers. 

According to Dr Paul White, a psychologist and co-author of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, workplace appreciation program works well at improving employee engagement and boosting their happiness. Nearly half of 130,000 employees cited that hearing word of appreciation makes them feel more motivated at work. While other half want appreciation in other ways, so not relying on standard employee recognition is a good place to start, added Dr White. 

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As a way to recognise employee’s hard work 

Moreover, Valentine’s Day can be a moment to recognise your employees’ hard work. Employee recognition can create a unique company culture and strengthen employee relationships. Sending eCards, allowing peer-to-peer recognition, rewarding employees, providing feedback, giving discount voucher, etc. also helps employees see that the company values them and their contributions to the success of their team matters. This then builds a sense of security which improve employee retention, increase employee engagement, and encourage high performance, Clair Hastwell at Great Place to Work reported.

So, are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Try these team bonding and engaging games. 

1. Sweet hunt game 

The game can be done at anytime around the office. It can also be done while doing the office project, thus, it will not hamper work productivity. All you need to do is to hide chocolate or candy and ask your employees to find them. Each snack should be filled with words, points, rewards, or instruction. For those who get points, it can be exchanged later at the end of the game for real prizes. For example, 20 points will get a discount card to shop at Dior.

2. Be my valentine 

The game requires everyone to have a wrapped gift. Then, ask everyone to gather in a circle. Blindfold one person from the group. The one who is blindfolded has to go around the circle twice and stop to one person saying ‘be my valentine’. Whosoever gets picked should be his/her valentine and exchange the surprise with him/her. Let the game continue until everyone gets their pair. The last 2 or 4 people can be blindfolded together to make it more fun. 

3. Valentine-Themes Pictionary 

Make a team of 5 members each. Before the game begins, ask them to write their favourite romantic movies and songs on a piece of paper. One team member from every team has to come forward, pick a chit from a bowl and enact what’s written on it with actions that others could guess. If they get the movie right, the team wins. 

4. Exchanging partner 

This game needs extra care and attention to detail. All you need to do is to exchange work partner for a day. Or, you can also exchange team leader or project that can be completed in one day. Make sure whosoever handles the project possesses skills needed to assure that everything will not get messed up at the end of the game. 

Then, at the end of the day, throw a workplace party to discuss the experience and celebrate Valentine’s Day. This game is not only helping create a stronger bond between employees but also build job familiarity within the workforce. Everyone will experience how to work on different projects and/or with different teammates. 

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