Christmas Games for Team Bonding

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Christmas Games for Team Bonding
Christmas Games for Team Bonding
Christmas is approaching, are you ready?  

With Christmas is just around the corner, companies are welcoming the festive day with some twinkle lights and a big Christmas tree at the office corner. Everything will be decorated in red and candy canes can be found easily in the office refrigerator. But the most fun thing about Christmas is that it demonstrates togetherness and affection among families, friends, and colleagues. What about you? Can you feel the Christmas vibe already? 

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If you’re looking for fun games to play to celebrate the day, the following Christmas games will complete your office Christmas vibe. Jingle the bell and let’s play!

Game #1  Decorating little Christmas tree  

We all love decorating a Christmas tree. So, why not try the game? This game is quite challenging because you need to decorate a tiny Christmas tree with eyes closed. 

What you need: Little Christmas tree, Christmas baubles (you can change the baubles if you want), blindfold, and timer 

How to play: 

  • Get a group of two or three persons
  • One person is covered with a blindfold and one or two others will be the instructor 
  • You only have 60 seconds to decorate the tree with the help of the instructor 
  • The most beautiful tree is the winner 
Game #2  Let’s make a lollipop 

This game is popularised by 9gag. Have you tried? 

What you need: 3 ping pong balls, 3 straws, and 9 hex nuts 

How to play: 

  • Lower a stack of 3 hex nuts down a straw without the ping ball falling off 
  • The one who is faster to make three lollipops is the winner 
Game #3  Letter to Santa 

When we were kids, our parents often tell us to write a letter to Santa and put it inside a sock. The next morning, you will get a gift as you want. As an adult, you can lighten up such spirit again. 

What you need: pen, some envelopes, and a tray 

How to play: 

  • Divide your group into two 
  • Each member of each group can write as many wishes as they want in the envelopes 
  • Mix the envelopes of each group 
  • Pick one person in your group who is good at throwing 
  • That person should land as many envelopes into the tray as possible in 60 seconds with approximately 3 metres distance from the tray 
  • The envelopes that land safely in the tray should be opened and if possible make a wish come true 
Game #4  Don’t break the eggs 

Want a dirty game? Try this. 

What you need: 5 unboiled eggs and two plates 

How to play: 

  • Get a pair 
  • You should move the eggs from one plate to another plate with 3 metres distance with forehead 
  • You CAN only use your hand to put the eggs on the forehead. You CANNOT place the eggs on the plate with your hand
  • Don’t break the eggs 
Game #5  Jingle in the trunk 

This game is one among Christmas games that is best played for energetic people. 

What you need: Tissue boxes, jingle bells, and belts 

How to play: 

  • Glue the box on the belt 
  • Use the belt with the box on the back 
  • Put some 5 or 7 jingle bells into the box 
  • Shake all the jingle bells out of an empty tissue box. No hands allowed. 
Game #6  Flip the bottle 

This game is based on bottle flip that has been popularized by some YouTubers and influencers in 2016 which then became viral in 2018. 

What you need: 2 water bottles and a plastic cup 

How to play: 

  • Get a team of three. 
  • The first one will do the first flip (quite easy) 
  • The second person should flip the bottle on top of the other bottle (seems impossible)
  • The third person will flip the plastic cup. The rule is the plastic cup should bounce once on the table (need extra attention) 
  • When the bottle falls, your team should repeat the game from the start. 
Game #7  Ramped up 

What you need: ping pong balls, 3 plastic cups, and a stick 

How to play: 

  • Prepare the game by dividing the table into two with a stick (using drum stick is okay or any stick available in your workplace). One for the starting point and the other for the goal point. Glue the plastics bottle on the edge of tables 
  • Divide your team into two groups 
  • Each group should have its own table to play 
  • Each member of the group should try to enter the ball into the plastic cups by either bounce the ball or flicking it 
  • Team with the most balls is the winner 

Those are some games that are fun to play during Christmas. If you have any great suggestions, do share with us by commenting on our social media pages. After the bonding games, your team can celebrate by opening the letter for Santa envelops or having dinner together. After all, it is the time spent together that can strengthen workplace relationships. 

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