4 Simple Treats that Would Last in Employees’ Heart

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“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.” – J W Marriott

Treating someone well and being treated well makes us feel good. In a business setting, giving a good treat to employees can increase productivity and loyalty, while reducing stress and fewer sick days altogether. As a result of happy and productive employees, customer relationships become stronger. 

So, without a second thought, here are four simple treats your employees will love.  

A thank you note

The most important and cost-free treat is a simple thank you that is said directly or indirectly to the employees. A sincere thank you will leave a good trace in your employee’s heart. It could also become a mood booster after a long and hard day at work. So, never forget this spell.

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Lunch or breakfast treat

Showing care does not mean you always have to appreciate with a thank you note. Try this one regularly if possible, treating lunch or breakfast every once in a while. Sitting down for a meal together gives everyone in your team a chance to relax and socialise. A research suggested that bonding over having meal together can improve morale which leads to employees feeling more engaged and productive. It can also improve happiness that eventually leads to good concentration.

Casual gathering

Casual meeting is the real investment you could ever have as a leader. Not only will it boost morale among team, but casual gathering can also create a better and more focused team. In fact, a survey of 400 small business found 96 percent of respondents agreed that meetings yield a positive ROI. Besides, talking over matters beyond work can strengthen the relationship between boss and employees – creating a lasting memory in the heart and/or mind of your staff. You can also take employees to fun activities like bowling or karaoke or just simply grab a coffee in the nearest coffee shop.

A surprise time

Who does not like a surprise? Especially the fun and enjoyable surprises, no one would ever want to reject them. You can surprise the office with summer ice cream treat or going home early winter – there is an endless choice you can take. You can give development surprise program that allows every employee to learn something extraordinary outside their expertise, such as how to manage a financial budget or how to have a good diet. Be creative!

Key takeaway

In conclusion, what we want to emphasise is that it does not matter whatever treat you give to your employees. From the simple thank-you note at the end of every month or outing time together in an exclusive place, the treat that lasting in employees heart is all about your time, care, and real action towards the treat. As mentioned in Marriott Management Philosophy, “But how well you as a leader values and beliefs are transmitted to employees ultimately depends on your day-to-day behaviour – you interact with your people, stay in touch with your department, operation and customers, and achieve high standards.”

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