7 Top Family-Friendly Employers in Asia

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7 Top Family-Friendly Employers in Asia
7 Top Family-Friendly Employers in Asia

Juggling between work and family is not an easy task. Having to bear two responsibilities at the same time, working parents are vulnerable to suffer from burnout, stress and excessive tiredness. Parental Burnout research found that a working parent with a first-born child losing on average of 25 minutes sleeps at night which is equal to sleep-deprivation for up to six years over a lifetime. Working parents, especially working mothers, also have a greater risk to parental burnout, a situation where exhaustion occurs as a result of being physically and emotionally overwhelmed by one’s parental role. 

If you are a working parent, you might find that finding relatable – constantly whispering to yourself “I am tired” while moving the dishes to the sink and singing your children to sleep. When you find yourself in such a situation, you might consider working at a company that can ease your role as a parent. In this article, HR in Asia compiles the best employers in Asia that will help you take care of your family while still developing professionally. 

Medibank Private

Medibank Private Australia has been crowned as the best place to work for working parent as they rewrite their parental policy to 14-week paid parental leave scheme. This includes taking leave at the same time as their partner. The change has made Medibank a pioneer in encouraging equal and shared parenting responsibilities. 

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Accenture is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that has 226 office locations across 53 countries with family-friendly policy. The parental leave benefits include 16 weeks of paid leave, 8 weeks of paid parental leave after birth or adoption of a new child. Accenture recently doubles their effort in supporting primary caregivers backup and dependent care from 40 hours to 80 hours per year. There is also hospital-grade equipment for breastfeeding mothers as well as child support such as ADHD and learning disabilities. 

Ernst & Young

Located in over 150 countries, EY is one of many employers with the best parental policy. EY provides 14 weeks of paid parental leave for mothers and 6 weeks for working fathers after one year of their employment. There is also flexible work options and privacy room for lactating mothers. The program in India offices provides guaranteed jobs for working mothers who take a career break for child care, within 5 years of leaving the organisation without a formal interview process. 


Deloitte is located in nearly every corner of the world, including the Asia Pacific. The employer supports each office with parental policy. The program includes a return-to-work placement program aimed at women who are looking to return to work after a break of more than 3 years. There is also paid time off and shared parental leave for maternity and adoption. 

Sumitomo Forestry Co. 

SFC, headquartered in Japan, has introduced a new parental policy. As to support their employees, the company is developing workplace environments that allow employees to take leave as they wish. Employees are also encouraged to take consecutive days of refresh leave at a time that suits their needs, allowing employees to work from home to take care of their children and even their elder parents. 


KPMG offers 15 weeks of paid maternity leave, 10 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, 6 weeks of paid paternity leave, and 20 weeks of unpaid paternity leave. There are also flexible work options, including variation to hours, part-time work, job sharing, working from home, and gradual re-entry/exit arrangements. 


Headquartered in Batu Berendam, Malaysia, Infineon has several locations all across Asia, including Australia, Bangkok, Beijing, Batam, Hong Kong, etc. When it comes to childcare policy, the company offers a family-friendly atmosphere in addition to flexible work hours. There is also a comprehensive range of childcare and child education services to help its employees manage their commitments to both job and family. 

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