What do Job Seekers in China Value Most When Choosing a Position?

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Chinese university students no longer focus exclusively on salary when selecting a position. University students are the primary human resources and future talents for employers. Their opinions on who are the best employers and their personal evaluation of a company directly impact on the choices of their first employer.

As a result, it behooves each and every employer to understand and value what it is that drives and inspires university students as their campus recruitment strategies as well as employer brand building and communication programs are put into place.

University students lack working experience as well as a mature perception and understanding of employers. Everything they know about employers is what employers convey through their brand communication activities.

These latest findings concerning how undergraduates think will help in the research and analysis efforts undertaken by employers around their brand communications.

Zhaopin’s report showed that the majority of Chinese university students consider organizational management and the reputation of an employer as more important qualities than training and personal development, salary and benefits package, brand strategy and working environment.

The report also underscored that university students are paying more attention to the internal organizational management of the company and care less about the salary and benefits package as compared to the findings of previous surveys.

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University students are more willing to work in foreign-funded companies, while state-owned enterprises are losing their appeal.

The quality of organizational management becomes the biggest concern of university students. The survey revealed that there were fewer differences in what undergraduates who are still seeking a job and those who have already found a job considered their priorities.

Both consider respect to employees as the top criterion as one of the key characteristics of best employers. This criterion is included in the indexing system that serves to describe the characteristics best employers are expected to possess.

It’s important to note that university students begin to focus more on their emotional requirements. Respect, harmony, justice and equity are popular key words they use to describe the characteristics of best employers.

Zhaopin Limited’s 2015 China Best Employer Awards event was held in Haitang Bay, Sanya. During the event, A.O. Smith (China) Water Heater, DidiTaxi, YoukuTudou, Huawei Technologies, S.F. Express, Panasonic Corporation of China, Beijing Perfect World Network Technology, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China International Marine Containers (Group) and China Overseas Property were issued the Best Employer for University Students Awards.

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