Pictures & Videos Make Employer Branding Work

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Pictures & Videos Make Employer Branding Work
Why photos and videos makes Employer Branding works

It is really comforting to see that you are constantly receiving endless applications from the most qualified applicants for your company. And it is very overwhelming to learn the reason how they were able to locate you through your reputation as the great place to work.


Today’s most popular companies are flooded with resumes and applications even though they do not have any vacancies available. Their pool of candidates is so rich and that they can no longer entertain new ones.


Have you ever wondered why these companies keep on receiving endless number of applicants while there are some who rarely gets qualified ones? Well, it all boils down in having a good reputation. The impression that your company is the best place to work for definitely gives a plus in enticing suitable applicants for every job vacancies you post.


Getting attention from applicants during the good old days might be so hard. Everything has to be done manually. But thanks to technology, everything is now can be done with just a click. You can definitely use the internet as another tool in getting great attention to all the job seekers out there.


Wondering how? Well, better be ready.


Use pictures.


Remember, a single photo can say a thousand words. So try conceptualizing a photo shoot that can definitely answer all employment questions such as “what is it like working for this company” or “what are the vision-mission of the company”. By answering these questions with photos, it can definitely entice applicants.


You will receive more positive response if you post this to social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. These sites are good for visuals as they give importance to photos rather than blog entries and such.


Use vlogs.


Vlogs or video blogs is another way to market or promote your job vacancies. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are the perfect venue for this. Instead of you going live on TV and might cost you several bucks per 30 second appearance, you can make use of the opportunity of posting videos for free on the said sites.


You can capture moments from the production, present them in a manner that no rules from the office is compromised and you can then summarize everything that a possible applicant could ever ask during the interview. This is cheap as all you have to do is to take a video, edit and post it to sites.


Be resourceful.


At the end of the day, what matters is make sure that your representation of your employer’s brand is right and proper. The most important thing is the truth behind the videos and the photos circling the social media community.


What will you do to wonderfully edited videos and photos if they do not really carry the real deal about the company? Social media is a big step to take when it comes to employer branding.


It opened a lot of doors and opportunities. But the real score here is how sincere and how true are we when it comes to the things we are offering through these social media sites. Honesty and integrity are always the first things to remember.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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