Innovative Ways to Build Employer Brand

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Innovative Ways to Build Employer Brand
Building Employer Branding The Innovative Way

Branding is often heard in the field of marketing; it is sort of like a science on creating an image that customers will find themselves drawn to and eventually lead them to buy a product or service. The same applies to human resource management of organizations these days in using “branding” as a means to drive in the best talents in the job market place – thus the word “employer branding”.

But even if organizations agree on this method of creating corporate image, the word “branding” still often appears to be vague for most organizations, so much so that they fail in properly employing branding in their recruitment strategies.

In order to compete with other companies in the recruitment of the best talents, organizations are encouraged to understand the value of employer branding. Employer branding does more than just spending resources to get potential recruits; it helps in building good public reputation as a company to work for. In order to achieve this public impression, an organization must come up with ways to differentiate itself from others.

Culture by design

In recruitment, an organization must make itself attractive to job seekers. With so many companies to choose from, human resource management must take active role in creating an image that is represented by a culture workers find purposeful and rewarding.

Empower brand advocates

No can represent the company better than its current workers or employees? Happy workers would gladly be your brand advocates and this is easily achieved when workers are allowed to take the center stage to become the face of your company. Likewise, human resource management can tap them for recruitment support by helping in promoting the company in blogs, social media sites and online forums.

Keeping current workers happy

Happy workers do more than just deliver a satisfactory job output; their energies and professional growth interest remains intact – for the company that continues to motivate them. With this kind of positive attitude among current workers, the organization is already standing on a goldmine of human resource in that when new job openings need to be filled, HR management is better off taping from its “natural resources” than recruit an outsider.

Strong corporate brand

To create a strong corporate brand, the branding itself must be encompassing, such that branding objectives and its value to the company are communicated very well and acted upon in all key departments through their department heads. The same goes for stakeholders, customers and even prospective recruits. But don’t let your branding efforts stay within the confines of the company, instead get it out there where potential recruits could see and engage in – through LinkedIn company profile and other social media pages you can build community on.

Stay out-of-the-box

Differentiation is the key that would set your company apart from the rest. While the term may be easy to understand, doing it is easier said than done. Companies must find ways to stay uniquely different in the job market place as well in the eyes of potential recruits and current workers. Take cue on other companies that offer creative perks and awards to employees.


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