Step-by-Step Ways to Create and Build Up Employer Brand from Scratch 

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If you are new to employer branding, don’t worry; all companies start from scratch. There are times that they have to pick up each piece and glue them altogether. The word “brand” has an important meaning to companies as it represents a “promise” of customer experience for a product or service and employee experience for better work life. 

These days, branding resonates with organisations, seen as an excellent way to establish credibility in human resource marketplace in order to attract the best talents. Competition for potential recruits is tough even among organisations as they believe in the value of having a good set of employees in growing the company. 

In order to be a company that potential recruits would consider, employers must be willing to embrace changes in the way their organisation is presented to them. With employer branding, you can create a differentiation against other companies. 

Here are step-by-step ways on how to create an employer brand from scratch and build it up to attract top performers.  


Before doing anything else, the most important thing to do is to research. As employers, you must conduct extensive study and research to see what type of workplace culture your target market is looking for.

You must also check what benefits would entice them and how close the company is to be the candidate’s dream company to work for. You can conduct group discussions inviting potential employees and current employees.


After determining the employee type that your organization needs and knowing the type of culture and working environment your ideal employees look for, formulate a proposition that would tell them you are sincerely hearing their concerns and would definitely do something about their preference and demands.

The idea should incorporate the company’s core values and you must be consistent with what you are trying to portray. You must also make sure to assemble the core messages that you want your current and future employees to see. Make them feel that the company is supporting them with their endeavors.

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We all know that constant communication will always be and forever the key to success. This is most especially essential when you are trying to develop an employment branding scheme in your company. Since you have already come up with a proposition, what you want to do now is to relay those wonderful ideas to your employees so that they will be motivated and they will know everything that’s going on with the company.

You can start internally by educating your employees with additional lessons to improve their performance at work through training and letting them attend seminars. What you can do externally is to let everybody know of your company’s plans career wise through the website, career events and job postings.


Now you are finished with all the basic steps in your employer branding strategy. What to do next is to measure the effectiveness of the branding. Responses from the target audience are vital. You can gather thoughts and insights from them through surveys. You can also make use of the internet to get other reactions. Twitter and Facebook are just a few of many sites you can take advantage of.

Now that you have completed the steps, you have already started your employer branding. Just make sure that everything you have promised from these promotional schemes would be definitely put into action. 

Below is how you can build up your employer brand to retain the best talents you have: 

Culture attraction

If any, the “work with us” message is addressed to the generation that is digitally-inclined; being so, this group is young and driven by constant and exciting changes in their environment. If you set and impress a work culture that is fun, creative and vibrant then you’re sure to attract like-minded talents. Let your current employees step up to represent the company’s personality and establish the promise of purpose and a healthy working environment for the public.

Brand advocacy

One of the main work objectives of human resource management is to make sure its employees are happy with the company they work with. Conversely these happy employees are the company’s most credible brand advocates. Allow them therefore to express their work satisfaction in company blogs, social media or newsletter. Their actions will deliver and translate the message “work in my company” to their friends, relatives and acquaintances. Capitalize in this goldmine of effective word-of-mouth brand promoters.

Resonate the brand company-wide

Employer branding is a proactive means to get the message out there that yours is a great company to work for; however this is not a work of only one department. In essence, it is a movement by itself in which the purpose and objectives should resonate company-wide as an initiative for human resource development. Other department heads as well as stakeholders must share in the action so there is a strong voice that delivers a synergistic message of being a strong company worthy of talent’s attention. The use of content marketing and social media are great places to deliver your branding messages; let those be your doors of entry for potential recruits.

Go against the grain to differentiate

Differentiation not only translates to higher pay and incentives; HR research proves that workers’ loyalty is not based on that. Strive to create an “it factor” that your current workers can “feel” as a reason to love you even though they can’t exactly determine what that is. Happy workers do their jobs well as a way of giving back to the company. Happy workers also talk and stay; other potential recruits would easily take this as a strong basis of consideration when planning to apply for work in your company.

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