How Does Employer Brand Affects Talent Acquisition?

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The job market is full of great talents mostly tech savvy and are product of modern education. Successful businesses these days are spearheaded and directed by the young bloods, and most breakthroughs in technology were shaped by the young minds. It is not surprising therefore that organizations vying for business success are looking for top talents to help them in their growth plans. Top talents, on the other hand, are also looking at working for the best companies. How have you established your employer brand so far? What kind of face do you put out there as an organization so that applicants would say “yes, I would like to work for that company”.

Talent attraction

In a typical marketing scenario products are packaged in such a way that it will attract buyers easily. More than how the product looks, the message is sent out there to say what it can do, in essence, a promise. As this effort is being carried out it begins to establish a product perception. And this perception drives the customer to buy. This same principle can be applied by human resource management in improving how they can attract top talents. You are literally selling your company to prospective employees. Ignore employer branding and apply the old method in your recruitment process and you’ll discover that you attract your same kind – not worthy of progress.

Happy employees make for a strong brand

Your human resource has a say in the way they see your organization as a brand. What makes them happy in the workplace? What made them decide to work with your company? How do they see themselves in 5 or 10 years in the company? Their response is the starting point in determining your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. If you are therefore attracting talents without much success then you need to keep your employer brand in order. Once done, the next step is to let your prospective talents know by promoting it extensively.

Where and how

The digital media is a good place to start promoting your employer brand. In fact, the digital job market place is where excellent client and talent matches are made; this makes businesses no longer dependent on employment or recruitment agencies in sourcing talents for them. For some, the online job market may seem like just a trend, but with its success and relevance over the years it is obviously here to stay.

Organizations seriously looking at developing or strengthening their employer brand can now leverage on the digital media and technology for their recruitment process. Apart from being widely presented to prospective talents, it is more practical as it delivers twice the result than expected and economical as most of the process can be done on a budget, if not free. Various social media platforms, for instance, are now being used by organizations in talent recruitment with great success. And the same is highly duplicable by other small businesses so long as there is a strategic talent attraction in place.


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