Henkel Employees Champion the Importance of Sustainability at Preschools

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Henkel Employees Champion the Importance of Sustainability at Preschools
Children from Little Footprints Preschools learnt about sustainable practices from Henkel employees, as part of Henkel’s Sustainability Ambassador School Outreach program.

On World Water Day, employees from Henkel Singapore, who are certified Sustainability Ambassadors, visited four preschools to teach the concept of sustainability and environmental awareness to 146 young children between the ages of 5 and 6. This is the second year that Henkel partnered with the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s national water authority, to conduct its school initiative.

During the one-hour lesson at Little Footprints’ four locations – Punggol, Woodlands 551, Yishun 366 and Ang Mo Kio – the preschoolers learnt about responsible behaviours in their own homes that can help the environment.

Guided by Henkel’s Sustainability Ambassadors, the children explored the concept of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, by watching a cartoon clip and participating in a colouring activity. This was followed by a show-and-tell to share what they had learnt. After the lesson, each child received a ‘Sustainability Champion’ certificate.

They were also given activity sheets to bring home, reminding them to take simple actions daily to care for the earth, such as taking shorter showers and switching off the lights when they leave the room.

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“We are pleased to partner with PUB and the Little Footprints Preschools to teach young children how to conserve our earth’s precious resources and protect our environment,” said Thomas Holenia, President of Henkel Singapore. “Globally, our aim is to reach more than 200,000 school children by 2020 through our Henkel Sustainability Ambassador programme.”

George Madhavan, Director of 3P Network from PUB, shared, “We are delighted to partner with Henkel to educate and inculcate the importance of water conservation in children, especially from a young age. Through the Henkel Ambassadors’ dialogue with the students, we believe the children will better understand the value of water, and will be inspired to cultivate good water habits in their daily lives.”

The Henkel Sustainability Ambassador programme was launched in 2012 to strengthen employees’ awareness and commitment to making individual contributions to sustainability in their daily lives.

So far, Henkel has trained more than 10,000 ambassadors in 79 countries, and aims to train all its employees to become sustainability ambassadors.

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