Employer Branding Case Studies

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Employer Branding Case Studies
Employer Branding Case Studies

If you feel that you need to enhance your employer brand online or you just then decided to build an employer brand from zero, here are three employer branding samples that can surely help you along the way.


These scenarios have been proven and tested and they came from companies who are leveraging in the power of social media, making use of videos for recruitment and screening audience to promoting successfully the employer brand and get responses from top talents.


In the city of Jackson, Mississippi, St. Dominic’s Hospital used the power of social media to strengthen the company’s brand message towards a bigger audience with of course, minimal investment. This health care organization had their own Facebook page. They used this page to present their hospital history, gallery of photos for every event that they conduct, and a peep at the employees’ benefits and perks.


By doing these, the hospital is giving a clear and realistic view on what is going on inside the working community of the hospital. The FB page is equipped with the hospital’s website so that the viewers of the page can easily be directed to the hospital’s Glassdoor web portal. With a span of five months, they had 4 hires which average at $478 cost per hire from Glassdoor and saving the hospital close to $50,000 in the recruitment fees.


Another case is the Lithium Technologies. They have developed influential recruiting videos showcasing their company’s employer brand and present their culture properly. Since they are a technology company which houses AT&T and Home Depot, and they are building their customer communities all over the world through websites, mobile gadgets and social media channels, Lithium Technologies took advantage of dynamic video content.


They come up with 30 videos which caught the attention of many qualified candidates. They posted the videos in Youtube and arranged a YouTube Channel solely dedicated to their company. They also attached a direct link to their Glassdoor Company Profile which boosted their video views and eventually opened the doors for many resumes to come in. They have increased their website and Glassdoor engagement by 158% and hired many new talents which 25% of them came from Glassdoor.


The third case study is the Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They took the courage to segment their employer brand in targeting the right one for them. Every year, the company gets 8,000 college graduates and hails the enterprise as the first and the largest college recruiter in the US.


They have clearly tailored their message directly to their target audience and they used the help of Glassdoor to communicate and convey the messages they want their audiences to hear. Usually they use Glassdoor to promote new vacancies, and clear career paths to their current employees. By showcasing their brand and tailoring a clear message to their audience, enterprise succeeded in promoting their brand, making them widely-known and successfully influenced their audience.


As a result, they have raised their Glassdoor profile traffic up to 130% and they were able to hire 850 more for the company’s management program.


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