Did You Know the Mere Design and Colour of Walls at Workplace Can Promote Employee Wellbeing?

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The office can be an interesting place to spend 8 hours of your day, but did you know the mere design and colour of the walls you work against can change the way you feel?

A new Infographic from Rawlins Paints has uncovered the emotional effects that colours can have on the average person and it turns out that the impact of colour is far more powerful than first thought.

For example, do you feel lively or anxious when you’re in a yellow room? This is because the colour yellow can stimulate nerves and speed up metabolism. It is, therefore, a great colour to use to aid productivity in the workplace, and a great choice of colour to paint your office canteen.

It can affect our mood, the way we think and even our creativity.

Interesting Facts about Colours in the Workplace

  • Green is a great colour to surround yourself with, if you work long hours. This is because it doesn’t cause eye fatigue and helps you remain calm and efficient at the same time.
  • Blue is often used in conference rooms, as it not only inspires but helps employees to come up with intelligent solutions, and create a tranquil ambience throughout even the toughest of meetings.


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  • Be careful when choosing the tones of blues and greens however. Some studies believe that darker tones of these colours can evoke feelings of sadness. Not what you want in a busy office environment!
  • The colour red can help excite and stimulate employees, as well as increase brain wave activities, heart rates and respiration.

Warm colours can spark a range of emotions from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Cool colours are often associated with feelings of peace and tranquillity, as well as sadness. Neutral colours are great for any decor, especially for those workplaces that believe in simplicity as a culture.

It is important to never underestimate the effect of colours on your moods and impact at workplace environment. They can have positive and negative impacts on our life, such as winning over friends, making new contacts and leaving an everlasting impression on the minds of people.

Black and white is seen as the most forgettable colours, but monochrome is always popular. Add a splash of monochromatic themes to stand out from the crowd.

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Image credit: digitalinsightresearch.in

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