Creating Employer Branding Videos that ROCK!

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Employer branding is the image of your organization as a great place to work. Companies like Intel, Apple and Adidas have shown us how important branding can truly be, not just for consumers, but for the people who come to work for us. These companies get it, and they embrace employment branding. Below you’ll see examples of how employers can distinguish themselves to attract the best-fit talent whether their employer brand videos are fun, serious, or low-budget.

Intel’s Nerd Values

Intel is a leader in the ranks of those successfully using video to build a great employer brand.

In their hit ad, “Intel Rock Stars”, the co-creater of the USB is, well, a rock star. An actor playing Ajay Bhatt is signing autographs with swagger in his sweater vest. This is an excellent example of creating an employer brand that top talent will line up for. While we get that you most likely don’t have the budget for the sort of production Intel had, here’s what you should take away from this excellent example of an employer branding video.

Keep it light. They were able to relay their company culture in a short amount of time and without half a dozen quick and staged employee interviews. While there is nothing wrong with the more traditional, interview type of employer branding video, this spot conveyed the uniqueness of the culture in a quick spot. By keeping the mood playful, they are portraying a much more positive work environment.

Show them the love. See how Intel feels about their employees? They are rock stars at Intel and will be treated as such. This short video appeals to Intel employee candidates as a place where their talents are valued.

Fly your freak flag. Lots of companies have geeks but few celebrate them in the manner that Intel has here. It wasn’t typical when it came out and it still shines as a harbinger of unque culture. Intel really hit their mark with the tagline, “Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars.”

Apple Means Excellence

Apple is another great example of using video to promote a positive and hardworking employer brand.

In this video, they use a more traditional approach to get their brand across, with several quick comments from employees from different departments of the company. Although Apple’s video is more in-depth, they keep things exciting and interesting as you follow employees through the creative process in an inspiring way.

Set the tone of your company culture. In this video, they really get the point across that their bar is set very high. You are with Apple, either because you’re the best, or because you have the potential to be the best. There is less room for fun, but more room for the promise of intellectual growth and the excitement of working with the best. They make no false promises.

What sets you apart? Apple stresses the uniqueness of their company and their workers. It’s obvious from this video that they don’t follow the pack. They take pride in doing things their way; outside of the box.

Dig Deeper. In this video, you see more about the company than just the good, shiny stuff- candidates can learn enough to move on if they don’t want to be pushed to take on impossible tasks and the stress that comes with them, which is actually the mark of a great employer brand.

Hello, HR. Many employer videos don’t take the time to show the HR or recruiting team. Imagine if this video ended with an invitation to take an interactive video screening interview where the same “star” from the commercial asked the questions. How much more comfortable do you think the candidate would feel?

Rackspace Celebrates Employees

But what if you aren’t a huge company? San Antonio based Rackspace has about 4000 employees but their employer branding videos are homemade, fun and (just look at the comments on Youtube) very effective.

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