Awesome Ideas for Employer Branding

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Awesome Ideas for Employer Branding
Creative Ideas for Employer Branding

Having a strong employer brand can be achieved through many different ways. Your brand consists of different attributes namely recruitment strategies, work environment, reputation and your communication with aspiring candidates for the different positions in your organization.


There are no companies that look exactly alike. Each company has their own box of creativity, own attacks on strategies. So don’t let anything stop you from squeezing out those creative juices. Sky is the limit in building the brand of your dreams.


So here are some tips on how to jumpstart your employer brand:


  1. Give workspace choices. A good employer brand starts with a very good design of the work environment and the culture which will give your employees comfort while working creatively at your company.


Forget the old style of having small cubicle offices and create a more relaxed and open spaced workplace. If possible, allow your employees to design their own workstations or choose where they want to sit. Having one’s preferred work location can give them a lot of air to breathe thus, giving them the opportunity to be more creative.


  1. Reward system. Create a system which enables the company or your team to acknowledge hard work done. Giving them recognitions and rewards can definitely help them boost morale and also encourage others to work harder to achieve the goal.


It may be monetary or in kind like gift certificates, company merchandise such as jackets, mugs, pens, etc. or it can be a dinner date for two at a local restaurant or an out of town outing for the whole team.


  1. Employee feedback. Hierarchy for most companies stops their workers to be outspoken and give out more brilliant ideas. Try initiating an employee feedback program wherein employees can shout out their views and suggestions on a certain project.


Through this, you are also telling your employees that no matter what their position is in the company, they are a part of it and everything they think about matters.


  1. Internal recruitment. Here is another form of a reward system. Instead of hiring someone from the outside, encouraging internal recruits gives chance to current employees to have a greener pasture at the same time encourage others to put more effort in their current jobs. Internal recruitment acknowledges hidden talents and showcases employees’ other abilities.


  1. Giving out incentives for referrals. If your company is in dire need of people to fill in a post and your advertisements seemed to be not working, another option is this. Aside from getting a lot of qualified candidates, you are also getting trustworthy ones as they came from your own current employees. More or less these candidates referred by your employees are family, friends or former co-worker that they know so well. You can count on these recruits as you already did the preliminary screening – through your current employees. This will save you a lot of effort and avoid jeopardizing the post. And because your employees gave you more than qualified candidates, it is right to reward them.


Some companies offer referral bonuses in cash or you can come up with a raffle program. You’re not only making your company grow, you are also helping in making your workplace fun, productive and creative for your current employees.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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