8 in 10 Malaysians Keen to Work for Company with Good CSR Reputations

October 9, 20189:48 am694 views

Company Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is proven crucial not only to improve business branding, but also attract and retain top talents.

Recent Workmonitor survey commissioned by consulting firm Randstad found that majority employees and jobseekers in Malaysia (84 percent) prefer to work for socially responsible companies. When looking for a job, more than 4 in 5 respondents (83 percent) considered it is important that the company they are applying to is actively participating in a charitable cause or philanthropic initiative.

As much as 82 percent Malaysian employees and jobseekers believed it is important to contribute to the society by doing unpaid voluntary work, but only half (49 percent) actively commit to volunteering activities outside of their working hours.

However, majority respondents surveyed said they would be keen to volunteer if they were given paid time off by their employers. Currently, only 40 percent survey participants said that they were given paid time off to volunteer for a cause or charitable organisation of their own choice. This finding suggested that employees in Malaysia do not have much choice about which charitable organisation they can volunteer at, The Sun Daily reports.

In general, employees in the country believe that diversity at the workplace is essential. 93 percent respondents said that it is very important that all opportunities should be presented based on the individual’s ability to perform the role. This same group of respondents also agreed that job opportunities should be made attainable to the labour market regardless of the individual’s physical ability, age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and religion.

However, despite high tolerance level, the study revealed that only 69 percent respondents said that their current employers have a diversity and inclusion policy in the workplace.

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