66% Hong Kong Employees are Keen on Working for Chinese Employer Brands in 2016

March 25, 20168:04 am1945 views

Chinese employer brands are becoming a more attractive proposition for Hong Kong professionals, according to findings in the 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report released recently.

Results show that two-thirds (66%) of Hong Kong employees surveyed would consider joining a Chinese company, while 5% say they would strongly consider it. Only 29% say they would not consider it at all.

Sharmini Wainwright, Managing Director, Michael Page and Page Personnel Hong Kong said, “With more Chinese companies entering the Hong Kong market and looking to expand, there are more job opportunities, and any unfavourable perceptions about working for one of these companies have been largely eroded.”

When asked what are their top reasons for considering to join a Chinese employer brand, 55% of the employees surveyed said, it was because they are fast-growing enterprises, while a further 36% chose good remuneration and 35% opted for stronger long-term career progression and promotion opportunities.

Findings show that among the 29% of professionals who expressed reluctance to work for a Chinese employer brand, the key reasons for their negative perception was weak focus on employee welfare and lack of employer brand or poor reputation.

Wainwright added, “However, many Chinese employer brands have, over the past few years, worked hard to improve on both counts, helping more employees to make this positive mental shift from these generalisations.”

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In other findings, just under half (48%) of professionals surveyed said that flexibility in their working hours is a benefit that they would like to see introduced, while only 20% claim they already receive this benefit.

This further proves that while companies are beginning to invest in tools that allow working from home and greater mobility, there is still room to catch up with the standards of Europe and the United States with regards to workplace flexibility.

A significant proportion (31%) of Hong Kong-based professionals would also welcome a greater leave allowance, while only 8% said it is a benefit they already receive.

The report also looked into the contracting space and found that 44% of respondents would consider a contracting role, mirroring the growth of contracting in this market.

The 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report is based on the qualitative survey findings of 1,733 employees working across a range of professional sectors in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The scope of the report includes key insights into employee preferences around attraction and retention initiatives, salary expectations, benefits and views on the predicted employment outlook.

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