The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

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Business is not only about product and service, but also about relationship between company and consumer, as well as  business and clients. People tune out irrelevant or promotional messages, but they do want to engage with companies that focus on sharing useful and relevant information and content. Companies that are informed and engaged are not just selling, they are building relationship also. Therefore, the importance in today’s business is to build and show-off company presence as a way to connect more people around the globe.

Jason Miller, brand marketing lead at Microsoft, stated that primary building blocks for developing meaningful relationship are trust, authority, expertise, and values. “Trust is earned over time, authority build by consistently showcasing knowledge through helpful and insightful anecdotes, and values illustrated through how the brand humanizes itself by leveraging technology at scale,” added Miller.

Additionally, companies need to find the best platform to build such trust and engagement to attract more consumer. LinkedIn, in this matter, is the most relevant platform to connect professionals to professionals, and business to professionals. LinkedIn can help business grows its presences amongst professionals and experts.

Foundation stats showed that LinkedIn is the place where more Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time. A data from Foundation revealed that 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. They are not just a general people who look through wedding photos or memes on social media. They are the actual individuals who want to read news or content that can leverage their knowledge.

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A study from Business LinkedIn found that in 2019, more than 610M+ members are publishing contents on the platform. The study mentioned that LinkedIn is a platform that enables sophisticated marketers to forge relationship with professionals. As cited in the study, “This is the first time in history of media you can engage with world’s professionals in one place. It is no wonder LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to content publishing platform for marketers.” About 82 percent B2B marketers realise that their greatest success lies in LinkedIn marketing.

As LinkedIn is proven to be effective platform for marketers, what can marketers do to improve their LinkedIn marketing strategy?

Business LinkedIn survey showed there are three targeting tools you can use to allow you to reach you target audiences; a) website retargeting which enables you to create target audiences from your website visitors to nurture them with always-on campaigns; b) account targeting to match your list of company names against the nearly 30 million LinkedIn pages to support your account-based marketing programs; and c) contact targeting to engage your prospects and contacts on LinkedIn. These three programs will help broaden your audience reach and retain current followers.

Besides using the three tools, LinkedIn also proposes some suggestions to improve your marketing strategy:

Build an organic presence

This organic presence will give advantages in terms of strategic marketing opportunities to better reach and nurture prospective buyers. You can build this through LinkedIn page, showcase pages, long-term posts, native video, and LinkedIn groups. Additionally, these five steps will help you engage followers on LinkedIn:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn page with header image, description and links
  • Create a simple content calendar and plan to post helpful content daily
  • Include a relevant visual and link with each post
  • Expand your reach with @mentions and #hashtags
  • Ask 3-5 executives or subject matter experts within your company to share posts regularly and craft their own content that you can amplify in return

Keep up with what matters

Like most marketers, you will find it increasingly difficult to figure out what matters most when reading news across multiple sources. Hence, you should create a design that helps you discover and discuss news and ideas to help you stay well informed. It is based on your profile and relationships in order to surface topics you care about from people who matter in the field of industry. You can follow these steps to craft such content: 1) customise your LinkedIn feed to see news and content you care about; and 2) be trendy with your content by creating a topic that will catch audience attention and aligning your content calendar with your audience

Boost your organic strategy with paid features

As you start building your organic presence, you can follow up with investing in a range of paid opportunities to reach the right people on LinkedIn and engage them at scale on mobile and desktop. You can try paid strategy such as sponsored content, sponsored InMail, dynamic ads, text ads, programmatic display ads, lead gen forms, and elevate.

Pro tip: ask your employees who are on LinkedIn to share your content, as content shared by employee sees 2x higher engagement than when shared by a company.

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