Step-by-Step Guide to be a Good HR Virtual Assistant

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Are you dreaming to be an HR Assistant who can work while travelling around the world? If yes, it is time to pursue a new career as an HR virtual assistant.

What is an HR virtual assistant?

Human Resource Virtual Assistance (HRVA) is a remote job for an independent contractor who offers administrative clerical and human resource services virtually using the internet, email, phone, fax, text, and sometimes video calls. Generally, HR virtual assistant will work online to support HR department in a company or organisation she/he employed. 

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HRVA is commonly employed by:

  • small companies that do not have enough budget to set-up their own HR team or HR department,
  • companies that have HR team but do not have enough manpower to complete immediate HR tasks and activities, and
  • entrepreneurs who do not have time to focus on managing time-consuming HR administrations.
What are the responsibilities of HR virtual assistant?

HRVA is responsible to assist other human resources employees and/or do general HR tasks for a company in which your service is hired. The tasks include recruiting, hiring, recording information about employees, communicating with employees about benefits, performing payroll duties, obtaining and recording documentation, as well as supporting recruitment and hiring operations.

As an HRVA you are also in charge of employee relations, reporting general HR activities, and coordinating employee services or professional development. Additionally, you might also be involved in performance evaluations.

What does it take to be an HRVA?

To be an HR virtual assistant is not easy because you need to balance between your responsibilities and your current location and/or time frame. That being said, to be a good HRVA, you need to have the following qualifications.

  • General HR qualifications such as suitable degrees, interpersonal skills, and communication skills, knowledge about HR policies and procedures, knowledge about employment law, computer literacy, etc.
  • Knowledge about HR system
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Reliable internet regardless of your location
  • Desktop or laptop
  • Access to cloud-based with a third party (the company that employs you)
How to get a client?

As an independent contractor, you will need to find your own client. To do this, you can either advertise yourself on social media community, in-person networking, or be part of a big business that connects HR virtual with clients such as Virtual Assistant Talent LLC.

Alternatively, you can build your own blog to advertise your HR proficiency. Hire a copywriter to make your site appealing. Then, keep developing your visibility by publishing or contributing blog posts to famous HR websites.

How much does VHRA earn?

In terms of earnings, HRVA is paid hourly with average salary is US$15.79 /hour based on Indeed review. You can either decrease or increase your service budget based on your experiences and skills. The more experienced you are, the higher pay you can set.

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