Social Media for HR professionals (And How to Maintain It)

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Social Media for HR professionals (And How to Maintain It)

One of the most impressive breakthroughs in human social history is online social media. It helps us communicate and maintain relationships with friends, family, and colleagues living afar, comfortably. This online media nowadays also plays an important role in business, transforming to be more than a supporting role in the human resources domain.

How important is social media for HR professionals?

“You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into salesperson.” – Seth Godin

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In any organisation, HR is a function that engages with all employee-related matters from recruitments to personal development. That said, human resources professionals should be not only physically present but also available in any situation by maintaining open communication with talents. Thanks to the existence of social media, human resource practitioners can now maintain two-way communication both internally and externally.

A study published in Semantic Scholar found that HR personnel’s task goes beyond filling up excel sheets with employee details. Their main jobs include knowing the pulse of employees, what works and does not work for them. In other words, HR is responsible for the overall wellbeing and professional development of employees in an organisation.

The presence of the online communication media here can assist HR to engage, collaborate, and react in a public forum. These online conversations can, then, be used to build the company’s image as an employer of choice. The two-way communication also helps HR build their visibility in an organisation, irrespective of their location. Another practical usage of the online media for HR is to accelerate the speed of recruitment process that involves steps like posting a job, getting resumes, taking interviews, and so on.

In a fine term, social media is a handy platform where feedback can be collected, recruitment can be easily conducted, and training access can be spread easily without headache.

Maintaining social media amidst the busy schedule

Although social media provides various benefits for HR practitioners, integrating the social platform into HR everyday life is not an easy-peasy task. For example, employee engagement requires the involvement of all other business and support functions which sometimes, demands full attention to respond. HR should also able to adapt to digital skills and competencies to operate and get the best result from social media function.

For those very reasons, you can try these simple tips to maintain your social media presence.

– Get the right mix

Social media can be tiring to manage especially if you are handling hundreds of employees. Therefore, you should go with the right mix to engage with your people better. Tools like Talk Walker Alerts, TweetDeck, or SocialBee can help you reduce giddiness due to maintaining various accounts.

– Set rules and policy

Social media allows an informal way of interaction compared to official emails. Employees can interact outside of their offices about organisation through sthis online media, too. However, HR should set in place about rules and policy for employees in order to not violent or harsh-talk each other.

The rules and policy should also apply for HR themselves to reduce the amount of spending “too much time” in the platform. You can instead set a meeting or gathering once a month or once in six months to discuss important issues with employees. In addition, the rules set should also be a reminder for your and your employees’ wellbeing. Remember, albeit technology ease our tasks and duties, human-touch and our wellbeing cannot entirely depend on technology.

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