Using Big Data: How to Gain Competitive Advantage in the Recruitment Industry

May 27, 20151:06 pm
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etz Technologies has released a free eBook via their website to help recruitment agencies embrace ‘Big Data’. The eBook, titled ‘Big Data Recruitment’ is now available for free download as a PDF at

In the eBook, readers will learn how Big Data works and examine the potential benefits for those in the recruitment industry. It includes examples of good practice, case studies from the recruitment industry and from elsewhere.

“The eBook also discusses the practicalities – from identifying the skills needed to discussing privacy and compliance – and finishes off with a detailed checklist for those embarking on a Big Data, or a smaller data analytics project,” says Nick Woodward, the CEO of etz Technologies.

Big Data is the current buzz word in all industries at the moment. The big question for everyone is why is it so important? As the eBook outlines, if you can capture it, you can measure it. If you can measure it, you can analyse it. And if you can analyse it, you can draw lessons and insights from it – lessons and insights that could have a material impact on the bottom line, even change the way people look at their own businesses.

‘Big Data Recruitment’ has an array of contributing recruitment industry thought-leaders, including Bernard Marr, a best-selling business author and consultant in strategic performance; Belinda Johnson, the founder of employment and research company Worklab; and Crawfurd Walker who runs Recruitment Industry Benchmarking. This is a must-have resource for 2015.

With clients in the UK, Singapore, Australia and UAE, etz has strong ties to the global recruitment industry. The company believes information, such as this eBook, helps educate and empower recruitment businesses make strategic business decisions.

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