More Chinese successful in applying for civil service jobs – Bernama

January 27, 201410:03 am
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Statistics from the Public Service Commission (PSC) show that more Chinese who applied and attended interviews for jobs in the civil service were successful.

Wanita MCA chief Datuk Heng Seai Kie said the statistics showed that 61% of Chinese who applied and attended the interviews were hired, making it the highest success rate compared with the Malays (30.28%) and Indians (40.69%).

“The statistics also show that from the number of Chinese who applied, more than 16% were called for interviews, higher than that of Malays (12.48%) and Indians (9.78%),” she told a news conference at the MCA headquarters, in Kuala Lumpur today.

“The numbers provided are enough proof for the Chinese community to change their mindset, and we are also here to help them to register, apply and prepare for the interview sessions,” she said.

Heng said in efforts to encourage the public, especially the Chinese community to apply for government jobs, Wanita MCA would be collaborating with the PSC during its roadshow.

She also said that the newly-formed Women Employment Special Committee alongside Beliawanis MCA would be assisting the PSC through the “I want to be a public servant” campaign.

Heng said Wanita MCA found three main reasons as to why most Chinese did not want to apply for government jobs.

“They are under the impression that it is difficult for them to successfully apply for a government job, and if they are hired they think it is difficult to get promoted while some are not aware of vacancies in the government sector,” she added.



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