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Why Hire Fresh Graduates? Here are the reasons…

June 29, 2016

Fresh graduates or the professionally experienced? There is always an argument and series of discussions between the hiring manager and the employer, before they select the new hire who can do justice to the job role. However, hiring isn’t an easy decision as the cost of a bad hire is an expenditure to the business.

Professionally experienced candidates are mostly adorable as they allure the employer with their skill sets, capabilities and experiences. They are expected to bring returns on investments and add value to organisations.

However, hiring professionals is always an expensive business proposition since they are in a better position to ask for higher salaries, perks and benefits. Also since they are experienced, the prospect of hiring experienced professionals is enticing to employers, for they sense value addition in terms of knowledge, skills, profits, and performance.

But the problem arises when these professionals prefer to work their ways, and do not easily adapt to new organisational culture. So recruiting for cultural fit is amiss from hiring decisions.

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Fresh graduates, on the other hand, are affordable hires. As they have less experience, lack professional expertise and need training to level up to the organisational standards. However, HR professionals can explore some cutting-edge business possibilities, on hiring these fresh human capital talent. These could be:

A chance to train and nurture talent

Fresh graduates are much like ‘blank papers’, they do not have any principal view and perspectives about issues at work and are unaware about what an ideal workplace culture should be like. They are not looking to fit into the preset mould, so they can be mended at the right time to meet organisational needs and job role considerations.

This is one chance for HR managers to mold the fresh talent, to create a talent succession pipeline and encourage next generation professionals to meet the company’s expectation and cultures. This initiated decision of recruiting fresh graduate by the hiring manager could result in better employee engagement, enhanced productivity and empowered workforce, motivated to meet business objectives.

Employers and HR managers alike are eager to help the new grads, nurture and groom talent to help them harness their optimal capabilities and skills. Through time, with experience and positive workplace culture, these amateurs on job soon become professionals. Instead of hiring experienced talent, companies can produce home grown talent by investing into training the inexperienced lot.

A chance to hire new talent at affordable cost

The starting salary for fresh graduates is much lower than the experienced ones. It is possible for employers to give specific reasons such as lack of experience, skills, industry know-how and much more.

However, it is not a good idea for a company to offer an extremely low salary, as this leads to low employee morale thus impacting performance and productivity. Fresh graduates are indeed, great talents that cost less than the professionals.

A chance to have more committed workers

Fresh graduates are precious assets offering higher commitment, compared to the older generations who hold firm inflexible approaches to getting things done.

The young generation (mostly unmarried) do not have spouse and children, house expenses to meet, or children to take care of. They are independent individuals willing to give in more hours at work, flexible to adapt, learn and grow.

The room for flexibility, commitment towards work and the need to know more, increases the reliability quotient of employers. These fresh new talents are counted as dependable and employers trust them with urgent issues that need complete dedication and prompt attention.

A chance to create culture of innovation

While in some cases, lack of experience could contribute to lower productivity and waste of time, but in most cases the fresh graduates come to the work base with new ideas, novel talent and concepts that have never been implemented before. They are willing to innovate, possess appetite for higher risks than their experienced counterparts, who choose safety and security above all.

Fresh graduates possess hunger for new knowledge, bright ideas that could give more values to the performance and company’s culture. While these fresh grads have no on-job experience, they have so much of worldly know-how and are brimming with ideas, since they are born and raised in a digital environment.

Employers and HR managers should look at hiring these fresh talents, to groom them right with adequate training and offer new challenges to help them seek, learn and grow with the organisation. Training and mentorship by leaders in a company, plays a very critical role when it comes to hiring fresh grads.

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