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Staying Off the Monday Blues at Work: Motivational Tips for a New Work Week

April 18, 2017

Does the idea of waking up early on a Monday morning and getting to work before 9am make you cringe? Relax, you’re not alone. For most employees, Monday is definitely not welcoming, for getting over the laziness from the weekend gone by and gearing up for the work week, can make you complain and experience tardiness.

No wonder, the case of Monday blues is prevalent issue in workplaces and hence, it is important to get employees get started on a positive note towards the beginning of the work week. How can you ensure employees are prepped up to overcome Monday blues?

For many employees, Monday means returning back to a stressful work week. The problem further lies beyond all those Monday Blues jokes and stereotypes, your antipathy to Monday might be a red flag signal that something is not going well at work. Staying motivated is about the enthusiasm you show and efforts you make for the job.

When you are engaged in what you are doing, you will always showcase the same spirit every day. It doesn’t really matter if its Monday or Friday, because every new day means a new opportunity to gain new sense of achievement. However, if you wake up on a Monday morning groaning and feeling depressed having to go to work, then this might be an unconscious indication that you are unsatisfied with your job. When you feel under-appreciated, it could be quite difficult to get started for another frantic work week.

The case of Monday Blues can affect negatively on your performance and productivity. When you’re feeling blue at work, you can barely drag your feet to the office. For the rest of the day, you might feel less motivated, less engaged, less creative, and eventually, less productive.

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So, the question remains: how do you stay off Monday Blues at work? Follow these steps and welcome Monday with the same pleasure as a Friday evening:

  1.    Identify the problem

What actually makes you dread Monday? You might laugh it off when Monday Blues occur once or twice in a while. Nevertheless, if you have Monday Blues for most weeks, then there must be something wrong at work. Rather than letting the sadness eat you up, you should identify the root cause of the problem and fix it immediately.

  1.    Get enough sleep

Weekend doesn’t mean you have to stay up late. On a Sunday night, make sure to hit the bed early and gear up for the new work week with 7-9 hours of good sleep. If you follow this method, you will feel refreshed on a Monday morning, and welcome the new work week with a smile.

  1.    Take things easy

Relax! Don’t get fired up and get down to your to-do list the minute you log into the computer on a Monday morning. Take time to warm up. Rather, you can spend the early minutes of the day to have chit-chat with your co-workers, catch up on light gossips of happenings during the weekend, take a deep breath, and do a little exercise at your desk. These will help you ease your mind and set a better mood.

  1.    Listen to music

It is no secret that music helps boost moods. Therefore, plug into your earphones and play your favourite songs. However, you might need to avoid slow-beat and melodramatic songs, while choosing dynamic and upbeat ones that will pump up your heart rate instead.

  1.    Get organised

Look around your cubicle. Is it comfortable and representative enough to work? Are there documents scattered here and there? Cluttered environment contributes to increased stress levels, so ensure that your workplace is organised and looks clean before you get started with positive clarity.

  1.    Put on your best smiles

As the old adage goes, ‘fake it until you make it’. Even if you might feel unhappy on Monday, lift your chin and put on your best smiles. Greet everyone ‘good morning’ with a smile, as this will lighten up moods of your co-workers as well, who are not so happy about welcoming Monday either.

  1.    Move on

If you find it difficult to love Mondays no matter what, maybe it is time for you to move on and change job. A positive mindset is what helps you get through week and avoid dreading Mondays. Turn off the blues and get prepped for an exciting work week ahead with loads of positivity and warm smile.

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